Friday, December 28, 2012

Black Cat PTU TUT

First To get Started:

You will need the PTU kit "Black Cat" by Angelica S 

Paint Shop Pro(used x4) any should do

Plugins: Eye Candy 4000

Open a new canvas size 625x225
Then open up paper 5/copy & paste onto you canvas

Open up ele7/ resize to 625x224/ copy & paste/add new layer

Open the Following Elements

Ele17/drop shadow black
Ele35/resize to 394x288/ and paste then Mirror
Ele33 & 34/resize to 73x74/drop shadow Black
Ele39/resize to 148x85/drop shadow
Ele21/resize to 175x162/drop shadow

Open Your Black Cat Element/Tube / resize to your liking

Open the Black Cat wordart elements/ resize to your liking/
dropshadow/ plugins/eye candy 4000/ shadow lab

Merge all layers together

Go up to Effects/Plugins/ Xero and follow the steps

Porcelain ( all colors to 0)
Tweeter ( all to 10)
Improver( regular settings)

Now add new raster layer, open paper 18/copy & paste

add new raster layer/ Flood fill with Black

Select all with your Magic Wand

Go up to Selections/Modify/contract/ 4 enter/delete
Jump to your paper layer/selections/modify/contract/5 enter/ delete
Jump back up to you black layer, flood fill black again/selections/contract/modify/4 enter/
delete, then you can deselect, and add noise ( random, Monochrome, 42)
Now onto your paper layer, go to plugins/eye candy 4000/ HSB noise(regular settings) 

now merge your border together with you tag and add the correct copyright & Name 

your all done.

Hope you have enjoyed this tut :)

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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