Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Love Is in The Air PTU TUT

Love Is In The Air Blog Banner tutorial

Supplies You'll need to get started.

Love is in the air PTU kit From Stef's Scrapkits CLICK HERE

Tube of choice ( i choose a tube from VeryMany)

Paint Shop Pro ( used x4) any should work.

To Get started on this lovely Blog Banner

Open a new raster with the size 1000x450

Open paper02/ copy and paste/ widen out the width

Open element 30/ resize about 40%/copy and paste along the top

add a new raster layer and leave blank, Create new raster layer

Then open paper08/ copy & paste into a rectangle and rotate about 15-10 to the left

Open up your tube choice's Close Up, Copy/Select background/selections/defloat/
edit/paste as new layer/invert/delete

Open Ele60, resize about 405/copy and paste over your paper08.

Then you will want to open 

ele37(resize about 20%), ele38(resize about 10%)

Ele18 (resize about 60%), Ele50(No Need To Resize),

Copy Those and add them to your canvas, Ele37 & ele50 go on your blank layer.

Add your choice of tube and
Add all correct copyright & Name and your all done.

Happy Creating everyone :)

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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