Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sweet Dreams PTU Tut

Sweet Dreams PTU Tutorial

This lovely tag was made using the PTU kit "Sweet Dreams" 
by: Irish Bitch Designs you can find this kit  HERE

I used the Cupcake Wars tube from FourX'sDesigns which you can find HERE

Supplies you will need to get started:

Paintshop pro(i used x4) but any should work
Plugins: Eye Candy 4000, Xero
Tube of choice
Sweet dreams scrap kit which you can find above

Open a new raster size 650x650

You will then want to open paper6, copy & paste , add new raster layer

open Frame 3, copy and paste on your new blank layer, add drop shadow and add new raster layer.

Jump back down to your background layer, erase any extra background, the open up your tube of choice's Close up, copy back to background select/selections/defloat/edit/pase as new layer/selections/invert/delete/then deselect. 
Settings Luminance(L), Opacity(20)

Now jump back up to your blank layer, open lanterns element/resize to 189x82/copy & paste/ add drop shadow(black)/ add new raster layer

open your tube of choice/resize to your liking/copy & paste/add new raster layer

From here it will all be nothing but elements & resizing, Remember what the following intitials mean


i will be using the intitials to shorten things a little bit, as i kinda choose a bad time to do this tut lol i will have to leave to go do xmas shopping in like 10 minutes lol  Anyways

Open Cake/ resize to 164x254/ C&P/ DS/ add NRL,  Open Bowl/ resize to 22x231/C&P/DS/add NRL

Open Cupcake5/resize 89x169/C&P/DS/Add NRL, Open Pastry/ resize 130x103/C&P/DS/Add NRL

Open CandyCupcake/resize 128x140/C&P/DS/Add NRL, Open flowercupcake/Resize 103x127/C&P/DS/add NRL

Open cinroll/resize 81x141/C&P/DS/add NRL,  Open cupcake4/resize 47x171/C&P/DS/add NRL

Open Apron1/ resize 102x207/C&P/DS/add NRL,  Open mesasuring Cups/ resize 177x201/C&P/DS/add NRL

Open Mixer/resize 158x132/C&P/DS/Add NRL,  Open frosting2/resize 248x132/C&P/DS/add NRL

Open all 4 pink jars/resize all to 64x85/C&P/DS/ Merge all layers together 

Go up to effects/plugins/Xero/

Porceilin- all colors to 0
Tweeter- 15,15,15,15
Improver- regular settings
Radiance- 128,94,152,200

Then add your correct copyrights and name and your all done :)

Please remember if you use this kit for a tut please link the kit back to the store 

If you want to show off your creations using my tut id love to see them send then to

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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