Monday, February 18, 2013

Irishka Ptu Tut

Irishka PTU Tutorial

Created this tag using the Artwork of Lady Mishka

To start this tut you will need the following:

Paintshop Pro-I used X4 but any should work
Tube Of Choice- I choose Lady Mishka New Tube at PFD Irishka Tube
FTU kit by Scraps Dimensions- Blog train kit inspired by Elias
Mask of choice- I choose Vix_mask365
Template- i choose temp101 from Addictive Pleasures 

Open Your template, Open The following papers
Paper 1, Paper2, Paper3, and Paper6

On You Template Layers Raster 3, 7,8 and 9/Select/copy paper 2 & paste them into those layers
On Your template layers Raster 4 and 2/Select/copy paper1 & paste into those layers
On Your template layers raster 5/Select/copy paper6 & paste into that layer
On Your Template Layer Raster 6/Select/copy paper3 and paste into that layer

Open Your tube choice close up/ Copy & go to raster layer 2 on your template/select the star/
go up to selections on your top bar/defloat/edit/paste as new layer/selections/invert/
delete button/Luminace(L)/Opacity-59

Repeat That Previous step but flip your close up horizonaly and go down to raster 3 star/
The settings change to Luminance(L)/opacity- 63

When you have finished that part, jump up to raster 10 on your template layers/and add new 
raster layer.

Open ele38/copy & paste/ANRL,  Open ele26/resize to 139x154/rotate 15 degrees to the right/copy& paste/ANRL
Open ele20/copy & paste/ANRL,  Open ele15/resize to 114x159/copy & paste/ANRL

Open your tube choice/resize to your liking/Copy & paste

Once You have finished that part, Merge all layers together
Then go up to effects/plugins/Xero and follow the steps below

Porcelain- all to 0
Improver- Landscape standard settings
Bad Dream- 173, 73, 0, 0, 0, -12, 0

Then resize your tag to 525x455, Open your mask of choice and open paper6
On your paper to the right where it shows all your layers, click on the lil paper icon/new
mask layer/from image/ on the drop down find your mask file name, and click OK/then 
merge visble/copy & paste behind your tag.

Merge together and your done just gotta add all correct copyrights & your text

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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