Monday, February 25, 2013

Tiffany Flow PTU TUT

Tiffany Flow Tutorial

To Get started you will need the following:

Tube Choice: I choose a PTU tube from lady Mishka Click Here
Scrap kit: Flow by Bibi's Collections Click Here
Plugins: Xero
Paintshop pro- i used x4 but any should work


Open a new canvas size 650x650

Then open paper 3 of the kit, and using your selections tool create a big circle 
copy & paste the paper into the circle/resize to 574x574/ while you still have this selected/
go up to Selections/defloat/open your tube choice/copy/go back to your circle layer/edit/paste as new layer/selections/invert/delete button/ apply these settings(lumiance (L), Opacity is 71/Add new raster layer

Then open ele9/resize about 10%/copy & paste/add new raster layer
open the following Elements
Ele57, Ele5, and Ele59/ in those orders copy & paste/add new raster
Now open ele61/resize to about 10%/copy and paste/add new raster layer

Open Ele35/Copy & paste/ANRL,  Open ele10/Copy & paste x2/ANRL
Open el1/resize about 10%/mirror/ANRL, Open ele64/copy & paste x2/ANRL

Open your tube choice, May need to resize to your liking/copy & paste/ I had to mirror my tube choice.
Merge layers all together
Go up to Effects/Plugins/Xero and follow the steps below
Porcelain- All to 0, Strength to 100
Improver-Standard Settings

Almost done

Add the correct copyright, Your Name and your done :)

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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