Friday, July 26, 2013

Razorblade ptu Tut

Razorblade Tutorial

Using the beautiful pay to use scrap kit

"Razorblade Romance" from Angelica S

with a tube by Skyscraps


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To Get Started:

Tube Choice-  i used a PP from Skyscraps
Scrap Kit -HERE
Plugins-Eye Candy 4000


Open a new canvas size 700x700(can resize later if needed)

Open your mask2 & paper 14 from the kit-on your paper -click on the little paper icon to the bottom right-new mask layer-from image-look for your mask2 on the drop down menu-click ok-merge as group-resize about 10%-copy and paste onto your new canvas-add a raster layer.

Open element02-resize about 40%-copy and paste x3-add new raster layer.  Open paper15-copy-using your selections tool create a big circle-paste paper into-resize to 274x274-add a new raster layer. Open element86-resize about 40%-copy and paste-add new raster layer.

Open element60-resize about 20%-copy and paste-add new raster layer. Open element17-resize about 30%-copy and paste-add new raster layer.  Open element21-resize about 10%- copy and paste-add new raster layer.

Open You Tube Choice-resize if needed to your liking-copy and paste-erase any extra tube outside the lining-add new raster layer. Open element93-resize about 50%-copy and paste-add new raster layer. Open element 58-resize about 10%-copy and paste-go up to effects-plugin-eye candy-shadowlab(white)-merge all layers together.

If you need to resize your tag, you may do so now. Make sure to add all correct copyrights-your text and your all done.

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