Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Addicted PTU TUT

Love Addicted

This is a PTU Tut using the Kit

 "Love Addicted by Black Widow Creations"

To Get started on this, you will need the following

PaintShop Pro( I used X4) any should work
Plugins: Xero
Template from scraps dimeson: HERE

Remember the Initials as i will be using it: ANRL= add New Raster Layer
C&P=Copy & Paste

Open Up your template, Then open paper 6, select the black circle layer
Copy paper and paste into. ANRL

Open ele22/C&P 4 times/ANRL,  Open Ele40/C&P 2 times/ANRL
Open ele39/C&P 2 times/ANRL,  Open ele4/C&P 2 times/ANRL

Open paper7/ C&P into the Black Stipes Layer/ ANRL
Open ele24/C&P 2 times/ANRL,  Open paper3/C&P into the Square Layer/ARNL
Open Ele18/C&P 2 times/ANRL,  Open ele5/ resize to 991x368/C&P/ANRL

Open ele26/resize to 542x542/C&P into the Small Black Circle/ANRL

Merge All Layers together, Resize tag to to 600x600, add your tube of choice

Then go up to Effects/Plugins and follow the steps

Porcelain - All 0
Tweaker- All 15
Improver- Standard Settings

Add your text & correct copyrights and your all done.

If you would love to show me your creations, i would love to see what you've come up with
You can send them to one of the emails to the right :)

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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