Sunday, February 17, 2013

Margarita PTU Tut


This is a PTU tut, 

To Get Started you will need the following

Paint Shop Pro-I used X4 but any should work
Tube Choice- I choose a PTU Tube from Lady Mishka- Click Here
Margarita ptu kit from Elcipse Creaitons- Click Here
Plugins: Xero

Open a new canvas size 650x650

Open your M_Star Element/Copy & Paste/Then Mirror your image(should now have 2 stars)/ANRL

Open paper11/using your selection tool create a circle being sized to 427x424/
copy & paste your paper into the selected cirlce/ANRL

Open your tube choice close up/copy/go up to selections on your top toolbar/defloat/
Then go to edit/paste as new layer/selections/invert/delete button/ANRL
Open frame2/resize to 427x424/copy&paste/ANRL
Open the Balloon Flower Element/Copy & paste/Mirror your image & flip your mirrored image/should now have 2 images/ANRL

Open your wings element/Copy & paste/ANRL
Open Flower 2 & 3/ Copy & paste/Flower 3 flip it horizontally/ANRL
Open Your CookieCake Element/Resize to 68x98/copy & paste/mirror image to where you
now have 2 images/ANRL

Open your tube of choice/resize to your liking/copy& paste

Merge layers all together, go up to effects/plugins/Xero and follow the steps below

Porcelain- all to 0
Tweaker- all to 10
Improver-Standard Settings

Now your all done, but wait dont forget to add all correct copyrights & your name

Hope you have enjoyed this tut as much as i did making it.

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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