Saturday, February 16, 2013

Luck Of the Irish PTU Tut

Luck Of The Irish

To Get Started on This tut you will need:

Paint Shop Pro- I used X4 but any should work
Tube of Choice- I choose Tony Tz Tube
Luck Of the Irish Kit- Click Here
Template- Click Here

Open Temp186, Open paper6/copy/ go to the following Raster Layers on the Template 
& paste the paper into
Raster Layer 7,  Raster Layer 5, Raster Layer 9

Open Paper5/copy & go to the following raster layers on the template & paste into
Raster Layer 6, Raster Layer 11
Jump back to raster layer 6/ANRL
Open Ele33/resize to 456x278/rotate to the left about 10 degrees/C&P

Open paper1/copy & go to the following raster layers on the template & paste into
Raster Layer 4, Raster Layer 2
Jump up to raster layer 5 on your template/ANRL
Open ele5/C&P, Open your tube choice close up/copy/Jump up to raster layer13 on
your template/select/go up to selections/defloat/edit/paste as new layer/selections/
invert/delete button/ Opacity is 26

Jump up to raster layer 9 on your template/ANRL
Open ele10/resize to 66x187/C&P/ANRL, Open your tube choice/Resize to your liking/
Open ele28/C&P/ANRL,  Open ele18/resize to 569x227/C&P

You are now done with all the elements and Layers of the templates, Now you need 
to merge all layers together. And resize to 533x537, go up to window/duplicate/ jump 
down to the bottom layer/delete button, should now have 2 layers bottom blank and top 
with your tag.

You will now want to open paper5, and open your mask.
On your paper layer, click on the lil paper icon on the right side where it shows all your
layers, then go up to New Mask Layer-From Image, on the drop down find your mask 
and then click OK, Merge Vible/resize to 643x638/ then Copy & paste onto your blank 
layer on your tag.

Then merge all layers together, and go up to effects/plugins/Xero and follow the steps

Porcelain- All 0
Tweaker- All 10
Improver- Standard Settings

Your all Done, just add all correct copyrights & name.

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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