Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sweet Candy PTU TUT

Sweet Candy

This tut was created using the Artwork of Lady Mishka & PTU Kit by Stef's Scrap Kits

To Get Started You will Need the following:

Paintshop Pro (i used X4) any should work
Tube Of Choice( I choose a PTU Tube From Lady Mishka) Click Here
PTU Kit "Sweet As Candy" by Stef's Scrap kits  Click Here
Plugins: Xero
Mask Choice( I used Vix_mask365)  Click Here
Remember these Intials: C&P= copy & paste/ ANRL=Add new raster Layer

Open a new Cancas 650x650

Then Using Your Selections Tool create a a big circle/ Open Paper04/C&P into selection/
resize the circle to 436x400
While Your circle is still selected, you will want to open your tube of choice Close Up/Copy 
Then go back to your selected cirlce, go up to selections on your top tool bar/ defloat/
Edit/ paste as new layer/selections/iinvert/delete button/Change the 
opacity to 24/ANRL

Open Ele45/resize to 573x556/C&P/ANRL, Open Ele55/C&P/ANRL
Open Ele52/C&P/ANRL, Open Ele18/resize to 453x394/C&P/ANRL
Open ele53/resize to 284x432/C&P/ ANRL,  Open your tube choice/resize to your liking
(i had to resize mine to 221x599)/ ANRL
Open Ele07/resize to 165x188/C&P/ANRL,  Open ele20/resize to 245x201/C&P/ANRL

Now that you are done with that, you will want to merge all the layers together, then you 
will go up window on your top tool bar, duplicate, and go down to the bottom layer & hit 
the delete button.

Now you should have 2 open layers 1 as blank and 1 as your tag, Correct!

Now open up Paper05, and a Mask of choice( i choose Vix_Mask365
You will then want to go to your paper/Click on the lil paper icon on you layer bar to 
the right bottom/go up to New Mask Layer/ Add From Image/On your drop down menu
Look for your mask name choose and hit OK/Then Merge Visble/Resize to 638x613/C&P on your bottom blank layer of your tag image

once you are done with that, Merge all layers together, Go up to Effects/Plugins/ Xero 
and follow the steps below.

Porcelain-All To 0
Tweaker- All to 10
Improver- Standard Settings

Add All Correct Copyrights/ Name and your all done.

If you would like to show off your creaitons using my tut, i'd love to see them
Email them to me at one of the email addresses to your right. Enjoy!

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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