Saturday, March 9, 2013

Easter Bunny PTU Tut & Extras

Easter Bunny Tutorial & Extras

Using the Awesome art of Gary Rudisill
with the matching scrap kit by Black Widow Creationz


To Get started you will need the following:

Paintshop Pro- i used X4
(but any should work)
Tube Choice- i Choose Easter Bunny by Gary Rudisill
(you can find his art Here )
Scrap Kit- Easter Tube by Black Widow Creationz
(you find this kit Here )
FTU Mask- Vix_Mask349
(you can find it Here )
Plugins: Xero, DSB Flux


Open a new canvas size 650x650

Open paper5/resize it to 500x500/copy & paste/ANRL, Open Ele39/resize 25%/copy & paste/ANRL
Jump back down to your paper layer/erase any extra paper/go up to effects/plugins/DSB Flux-Bubbles (settings- 52, 38, 17, 64)/ Go back to your blank new layer

Open ele27/drop shadow black(adjust the bur to your liking)/ANRL, Open ele7/Copy & paste, ANRL,  Open ele1/resize 40%/Copy & paste/ANRL, Open ele30/resize 30%/horizonally flip/ANRL, Open Ele24/resize 25%/Copy & paste/ANRL

Open ele3/resize 15%/Copy & paste/ANRL,  Open ele6/resize 50%/copy & paste/ANRL
Open ele9/resize 20%/Copy & paste/ANRL, Open your tube choice/Resize if needed/Copy & paste/ Merge layers all together 

If you need to resize your tag, now is the time to do so.
Duplicate your tag/on the bottom layer delete the image/ you should now have 2 layers bottom being blank and top being your tag

Open paper6/and Mask349/ on your paper click the lil paper icon to the right bottom/new mask layer/from image/find your mask file name/click ok/merge vible/copy & paste on the blank bottom layer of your tag(may need to resze a lil)/ duplicate and merge layers together

Go up to Effects/Plugins/Xero/ Porcelain- All to 0/ Tweaker- All to 15/Improver-Standard Settings

Add all correct copyrights, Name and your all done

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious

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