Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lolo PTU Tut

Lolo Tutorial

Using the Beautiful art of Lady Mishka

To Get Started you will need the following:

Paintshop pro- I used X4
(but any should do)
Tube choice- I choose a tube from lady Mishka
(You can find her art here )
Cluster Frame- MixBagClusters2-Click Here
Scrap Kit-  Emo Glamorous- Click Here
Plugins- Xero, Color Rave, and DSB Flux/Bubbles


Open New canvas size 650x650

Open elements 43 & 44/Copy & paste/ANRL
Now open paper11/copy & paste/go up to effects/plugins/DSB Flux/Bubbles/
Settings- 17,17,50,50/Now go to plugins/Color Rave/Atmospherizer/
Settings- 0,227,72,0,255,255,167,0/ANRL

Open Cluster Frame 99Kim/Copy & paste/go up to plugins/Color Rave/Atmospherizer/
settings- 0,227,72,0,255,255,167,0/ANRL, Now Open your tube choice,
you may need to resize to your liking/ go up to Window/duplicate/go back to the orinigal
tube layer/go up to plugins/Color Rave/ Atmospherizer/ Settings- 0,227,72,0,255,255,167,0

Now jump back to your duplicated tube layer/change the opacity to 73
Merge all layers together, and if you need to resize your tag now is the time to do so.

Go up to plugins/Xero/ Porcelain- All to 0/ Tweaker- All to 15, 

Add all correct copyrights, and your Name & your all done.

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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