Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sweet Irish ptu Tut

Sweet Irish Tutorial

To Get Started You Will Need The Following:

Paintshop Pro- I used X4 (but any should do)
Tube Choice- I used a tube from PFD
PTU scrap Kit- Sweet Irish Tempations
Plugins: Eye Candy 4000 & Xero
Mask Vix_mask365- Click Here


Open a new canvas size 650x650
Open Paper8/copy & paste/ANRL, Open Ele3/Copy & paste/Shadow Lab(black)/ANRL
Open Ele22/resize to 505x564/Copy & paste/ANRL, Open Ele27/Copy & paste/Erase the Ends/

Jump now back to your paper layer, nd erase any extra background around the frame

Open your tube choice, if it comes with a close up open that/select your background circle/
selections/defloat/Copy your close up tube or tube/edit paste as new layer/selections/invert/delete button/Change the settings to Luminance(L)/Opacity to

Now back to your Blank layer/With your tube being open still(may need to resize to your
liking)/copy & paste/ANRL

Open Ele11/Flip it horizonally/Copy & paste/ Add drop shadow(green)/ANRL
Open Ele1/resize to 207x247/Copy & paste/Add shadowlab(black)/ANRL
Open Ele7/Resize to about 10%/copy & paste/ANRL, 

Merge Layers all together/Duplicate layer/ Click on bottom Layer/Delete/
Open paper1/Open Mask Vix_mask365/On you paper/Click on the lil paper icon to the right
bottom/New Mask Layer/From Image/Merge Visble/Copy & paste onto your bottom blank layer of your tag/you may need to resize a lil to fit your tag/Now if you need to resize your tag now is the time to do so/ Merge together/
Go up to effects/Plugins/Xero/Porcelain-All to 0/ Tweaker- All to 15

Add all correct copyrights, and Name your all done!!!

Kimmie aka Kimmilicious




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