Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kiss My Katya tude

Kiss my Katya Tude

using the beautiful new tube from Pandora-Creations
and a scrap kit by Redefined Designs


Tube Choice- Click Here
Scrap Kit Choice- Click Here
paintshop pro


Open a new canvas size 750x750(you can resize later)

Open Broke glass element from your kit-copy and paste to the left side x4-then mirror it(you should now have it on both sides-add new raster layer. Open paper7-copy-using your selections tool create a large circle-paste paper into and resize to 564x564-while you have it selected go up to selections-defloat-open your tube choice or close up if you have-copy and paste as new layer-selections-invert-repeat if needed to cover the full paper-change settings to Luminance(L)-Opacity to 45-duplicate-change to screen.

Open Frame1-copy and paste-add new raster layer. Open starSpiral-copy and paste-add new raster layer. Open lips-copy and paste-add new raster layer. Open cityscape-copy and paste-erase any extra- add new raster layer.  Open paper10-resize about 30%-copy and paste-add new raster layer. Open frame2-resize about 20%-copy and paste- add new raster layer-go back down to paper10 layer-erase any extra paper.  Open lips element again-resize about 60%-copy and paste x2-add new raster layer. Open your tube choice-resize if needed-copy and paste. Merge all layers together, if you need to resize your tag now is the time to do so.

Go up to effects-plugins-Xero-porcelain(all colors to 0, change the strength to 73), Xero-Bad Dream(128, 30, 0, 0, 0, 3, -3) Xero-Tweaker-All to 10.   Add all correct copyrights-your text and your all done.

Tag For Pamela or Redefined Designs




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