Sunday, July 14, 2013

Angel PTU Tut

Angel Tutorial 

Using the beautiful art of Gary Rudisill 
and using the scrap kit by Black Widow Creations

Both of which can be found at scraps and the city.

Needed to get started:
Tube -
Scrap Kit-

Open your template, delete the heart splatter layer & delete the leaf deco1%2 layers.

Open paper6-copy - select your black mask layer-go up to selections-defloat-paste as new layer-selections-invert-delete.  Open paper 9-copy-jump up to deco1 & deco 2- merge them together-go up to selections-select all-selections-defloat-paste as new layer-selections-invert-delete. 

Open paper3-copy-jump up to deco3 & deco4 layers merge them together-go up to selections-select all-selections-deflaot-paste as new layer-selections-invert-delete-add new raster layer. Open element11-copy and paste-add new raster layer. Open element20-copy and pastex2-add new raster layer. 

Open element15-copy and pastex2. Open paper4-copy- jump up to back frame layer-selections-select all-selections-deflaot-paste as new layer-selections-invert-delete. Open paper6-copy- jump up to pic-tube layer-selections-select all-selections-defloat-paste as new layer-selections-invert-delete. Open your tube choice-resize if needed to your liking- copy and paste-merge all layers together. If you need to resize your tag now is the time to do so.

Go up to effects-plugins-Xero-porcelain(50, 76, 128, 0, 0, 91), Tweaker(all to 10)- Improver(standard settings) Make sure to add all correct copyrights, your text and your all done.

Tag For Cari of Black Widow




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